Artist: Herbie Hancock

Track: Rockit

Album: Future Shock
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Seth and his wife are so fucking cute and he is still the worst dancer alive and it’s just wonderful. I’m forever on the Seth Rogen train.

Really needed today.
Finally got out of the house and went downtown for the first time since moving here a week ago. Such a fun city and of course I went straight to the Blue Bicycle Bookstore while my husband was tutoring a student at the college nearby. Got a used copy of Willa Cather’s My Antonia for only $3! I will definitely be back.

I’m feeling motivated and inspired after today, hopefully this feeling lasts.

I still love my serious, intense reading. I love big fat biographies, theology, the classics. But now you’re just as likely to catch me reading a mystery novel by a fictional character, as you are to find me with the latest treatise on social justice. Becky Bloomwood has taught me not too take myself quite so seriously.

I think reading books that aren’t intense or Super Serious Literature makes me a more well-rounded person; I promise you it makes me easier to live with.

I still wouldn’t mind giving Becky Bloomwood a bit of financial advice. But, let’s be honest, I kind of want to go shopping with her, too.
— 出典:from Confessions of an Intense Thinker: On Reading The Shopoholic Novels (via bookriot)

I love the classics but also love the Shopaholic series and that’s fine.

You see, the term “Basic Bitch” and has been Columbus-ed. White people want so badly to be in on the joke of making fun of white people (so as to seem hip and down and to escape criticisms of whiteness, supremacy, and racism themselves) that they picked a group of white people they can lampoon and make fun of, all while distancing themselves from whiteness, a very tragic practice summed up neatly as “White People Be Like ‘White People Be Like.’”
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Why I Won’t Stop Talking Shit About Basic Bitches & Pumpkin Spice Lattes by Briana Urena-Ravelo over at Feminspire.

A dangerous & seductive detour from the fight against white supremacy, on which what white person has not tread?

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Marjane Satrapi at the New York Public Library, 10/17/14